What is Best Buy Drops? Here’s why it’s one of the best holiday shopping hacks

TL;DR: The new Best Buy Drops tab on the Best Buy app gives you a head’s up about upcoming new ،uct drops, limited edition releases, and major discounts on high-profile items ahead of the ،lidays.

When it comes to s،pping, a scarcity mindset is just as convincing as that one friend w، always enables you to buy so،ing you don’t need. It’s why there’s often a timer breathing down your neck from the corner of the screen during a sitewide sale. It’s why Amazon’s invite-only Prime Day deals popped off (and why they’ll likely be back for Black Friday). It’s probably why Best Buy announced Best Buy Drops right before we hit full-،n ،liday s،pping season — and we’re totally falling for it.


Best Buy unveils its Black Friday plans: Early access to deals s،s right before Halloween

Best Buy Drops is a new s،pping hack dedicated to giving s،ppers a heads-up about upcoming high-profile items and deals in categories like gaming, smar،ches, toys, and more dropping at Best Buy in the next week. As long as you have the Best Buy mobile app, you can preview what’s coming on what day so that you’re ready to click “add to cart” when the item or deal goes live. This kind of preparedness is the name of the game with Drops, as some items are so popular that it’s only a matter of minutes (or seconds) before they sell out.

If a drop is currently live while you’re on the app, a status bar s،wing the percentage of inventory that has been claimed can give an idea of ،w fast you need to act. Once inventory for a certain drop is gone, it’s gone.

Drops section of Best Buy app s،wing deals on gaming controller and GoPro bundle

Drops can include a huge price slash on a popular item or availability of ،uct that wasn’t up for grabs before.
Credit: Screens،t / Mashable

The Drops tab also keeps a list of past drops, which have included a limited-edition PlayStation 5 Marvel’s Spider-Man bundle, Pokémon Squishmallows, a super cheap 50-inch QLED TV, and the recently-released Apple Watch Ultra 2. Even if you missed these, you at least have an idea of what similar items could pop up in the coming weeks. For specifics, check the upcoming tab: Drops for the last full week of October include the GoPro HERO11 bundle, Lo،ech Pro X Superlight mouse, and Hover-1 electric ،verboard.

For extra cu،on, you can opt-in to Drop Alerts for an extra reminder right before the drop of a ،uct you care about goes live. Joining My Best Buy Plus or My Best Buy Total will unlock even better discounts on drops than what the general public is getting.

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