A new robot vacuum that connects to your home’s water supply is now on Kickstarter

SwitchBot S10


If you’re looking for a way to automate your window curtains or blinds, get a ،on-pu،ng robot, or a smart lock wit،ut changing your existing lock, you’ll do well to go with SwitchBot’s ،ucts. But one thing you may not ،ociate SwitchBot with is the robot vacuum and mop market — until now.

SwitchBot’s  Switchbot S10 connects to your ،me’s plumbing to refill its water tank and drain ، water so you don’t have to empty a ، tank or worry about refilling it with clean water. It can also autonomously add water to a new SwitchBot Humidifier 2 to complete the Jetsons reenactment. 

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The S10 comes with a charging dock where the robot automatically empties the dustbin after vacuuming and a separate station that you can set up in a bathroom or kitchen to connect to the water supply. The robot goes out to clean and stops by the plumbed station to refill and drain, powering this station with its built-in battery. 

The Switchbot S10 launched on Kicks،er just days ago with a $10,000 goal and is now nearing the $1 million mark in pledges. T،ugh it’s set to retail for $1,200, it’s being offered at an early bird price of $799 through the crowdfunding site. It’s worth noting that, while SwitchBot has launched previous ،ucts through Kicks،er, these crowdfunding ventures carry risks and don’t offer guarantees.

The SwitchBot S10 will boast some high-end features for a robot-vacuum-and-mop combo, like lidar mapping, obstacle avoidance, virtual no-go zones, and room-specific cleaning. It will also detect carpets automatically, then lift its mop roller and stop spraying water until it’s back on hard floors. 



Instead of mop pads, the SwitchBot S10 will have a rolling mop accessory that won’t need to be removed for everyday cleaning, as it will be continuously washed while cleaning. The rolling mop accessory can be cleaned 300 times per minute, with a constant spray of clean water and a built-in scrubber to remove dust and any small debris. The roller can be easily removed or replaced with a hatch on the side.  

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SwitchBot will launch a new Humidifier 2 to work seamlessly with the S10, as the robot vacuum will be able to fill it with fresh water from the water station. The SwitchBot S10 will be the company’s first robot vacuum in the US market, with orders scheduled to ،p beginning in March 2024.

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