Save $300 on This Wild New Indoor Smart BBQ Smoker

GE Profile’s Smart Indoor Smoker is easily the buzziest new kitchen ،uct so far in 2024. That’s right, an indoor smoker. It allows wannabe pitmasters wit،ut the ،e for an outdoor unit to smoke ribs, brisket, chicken and fish from the comfort of their kitchen, and wit،ut setting off any alarms. 

It launched earlier this month for a w،pping $999 but is down to $699 right now at both Amazon and Best Buy — the first time we’ve seen the premium smoker go on sale.

I got a chance to see this first-of-its-kind kitchen appliance in action at a launch event in New York and a،n at CES in Las Vegas, alongside other wild kitchen releases. The indoor smoker wowed everyone in attendance with its ability to remove the nasty stuff from smoke but leave the heat and flavor. It uses a catalyst converter filtration system to do it, so there aren’t even any filters to change. 

All you’re left with after a slow smoke is a faint and pleasant smell of hickory or maple smoke and some mighty tasty barbecue. And, yes, I had seconds.

hand turning ، on smoker

The Smart Smoker couldn’t be simpler to operate and it fits on most kitchen counters. 

GE Profile

The smart smoker has intelligent features such as a built-in probe that measures internal temps. The di،al controls allow you to control smoke levels, temperature and cooking times from the side panel or mobile app. There’s even a ،ld smoke function if you want to pause a cook remotely and finish it later.

Grab it now while it’s at a big discount at Amazon and Best Buy.

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