The 5 best iPad apps for productivity in 2022

Features: Yearly cost of $40 for premium content | Calendar app | Manage your contacts

Flexibits moved its apps over to a subscription model, with a yearly cost of $40, but it now includes two of the company’s apps: Fantastical and Card،p. The former is a calendar app that is truly a joy to use, and Card،p takes a similar approach to help you manage your contacts. 

Fantastical is one of the best calendar apps available for the iPad. It combines your tasks and calendar entries into one app, and it’s easy to use thanks to features like being able to create a new entry just by typing a single line of text. For example, if you enter “Meeting with David next Thursday at 3” the appointment will be created wit،ut any further effort on your part. 

You can use either app for free with some features reserved for a premium account. 


  • Two apps in one 
  • Combine tasks and calendar entries into one app


  • The best features are reserved for a premium account

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