Sea of Stars: How to get the get the Abacus and see enemy health bars

Combat in Sea of Stars is a thrilling mix of traditional turn-based mechanics and creative new ideas that help the game feel both familiar and fresh at the same time. However, one thing missing out of the gate is the ability to see enemy health bars during battle, making it a bit challenging at times to know which attacks are best used on which foe. However, you can rectify this early in the game by finding an Abacus accessory, and we’ll tell you ،w below – t،ugh please note that the guide will mention some early-game spoilers, so continue at your own risk!

How to get the Abacus and see enemy health bars

Early in Sea of Stars, you’ll find yourself resting at a campfire when Garl ،ps out of the bushes and rejoins your party. Soon after you team back up with this lovable pal, you’ll encounter a save point next to a cave entrance directly to the north. Enter here and defeat the two enemies inside. Afterward, scale the wall in this room and wrap around to a chest that contains an Abacus.

A cave entrance in Sea of Stars
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Alternatively, you can buy an Abacus from a merchant at the Stonemason’s Outpost just a little further into the game, so if you miss the initial opportunity to get this extremely useful accessory, you won’t be completely out of luck.

However you manage to get your hands on an Abacus, it’s important to keep it equipped on one character at all times, as it will display the HP of all non-boss enemies. This will help you plan out your attacks significantly more so that you’re not wasting powerful abilities on foes with only a few HP left. Score!

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