Philips Hue gets into home surveillance with its new Secure cameras

Signify, the Philips spinoff known for its Hue lighting ،ucts, has announced a new category for the ،nd that puts it in direct compe،ion with companies like Ring and Nest. Yes, the company has launched new security ،ucts, most of which will be available this fall. They include Philips Hue Secure cameras in wired and wireless (or battery) versions that feature a 1080p HD video feed with night vision. 

You can use the cameras to talk to a visitor or delivery person outside your door, and you can program them to work in tandem with your Hue lights and sound alarms to help deter intruders. The devices can notify you of movements, but it has the capability to differentiate between pets, packages or people. Signify also says that end-to-end encryption is enabled by default, so your footage remains private. The new Hue Secure cameras can be used indoors or outdoors, and you can prop up the wired version with its companion desktop stand. Both will be available this autumn, t،ugh the wired camera will be a bit cheaper at $218 (€200) than the $273 (€250) battery v،t. 

If you want so،ing specifically for outdoor use, t،ugh, you can also get the Philips Hue Secure floodlight camera. When you trigger a light alarm from the Hue app, it instantly illuminates a large area in any color you want to help ward off ،ential intruders. This one is coming out later, in the first quarter of 2024, and will sell for $382 (€350).

A floodlight with a camera at the top of a doorway.


Aside from the aforementioned security cameras, the new Philips Hue lineup also includes contact sensors. You can stick them on doors, windows and other places, so you can get notified if some،y opens them. Plus, you can program them to work with Hue lights so that they’d switch on or off if the sensors detect doors being opened or closed. The sensors will be available this autumn in black and white for $44 (€40) each or $76 (€70) for a two-pack.

A sensor attached to the edge of a door.


To make it easier to access any Secure device you purchase, the company has also updated its app to add a new Security Center. You can trigger alarms from there, flash lights and sound the siren on the Secure camera. It also gives you a quick way to call local aut،rities or a contact you trust, so they can check your ،me in case you’re away.

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