Keurig’s K-Slim Coffee Maker Is Down to Just $70 at Best Buy (Save $60)

Even if you’re a big coffee drinker we can probably all agree that there is a time and a place for our expensive and often time-consuming coffee rituals. Sometimes you just need a hit of caffeine to get yourself moving and the Keurig K-Slim is one way to do that. And now it’s available at a bar،n price, too.

Today only, Best Buy will sell you the K-Slim for just $70, a price that is a $60 saving on the one that you might normally have to pay. That makes this one of the better Keurig deals around, and it even comes in a rather lovely blue color as well.

This sleek Keurig brewer makes getting your morning caffeine fix easier than ever. It can brew 8, 10 and 12 ounce cups, and the entire process only takes a few minutes so you’re ready to s، your day sooner. And with a 46-ounce reservoir, it can brew up to four cups before you need to refill the water. 

One of the best features of this Keurig brewer is that it’s only 5 inches wide so it won’t crowd your countertops — making it a great option for dorm rooms or offices. Plus, it has a built-in descaling function to help keep it functioning for longer.

Keurig ma،es undoubtedly have their place, but what if you want to go all-in on your coffee-making? Check out our collection of the best high-end drip coffee makers before making any purchase.

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