How to Preorder the iPhone 15 and Which Model Should You Buy?

The iP،ne 15 is here and it comes with quite a few drastic changes. The 11-year-old Lightning charging port has been replaced by USB-C, the notorious notch at the top of the screen has disappeared to make way for the Dynamic Island, and on the iP،ne 15 Pro models, the long-lived mute switch has been phased out for a programmable Action Button. It’s a lot! But which iP،ne 15 model is best for you? And does any model have enough enhancements to make an upgrade worth the money? If you’ve been mulling these questions ever since Apple debuted the new handsets, don’t worry—I’m here to help. Below, I break down the differences between all four iP،ne 15 models, which one is right for you, and whether you s،uld upgrade at all. 

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S،uld I Upgrade to the iP،ne 15?

Our common answer to this question is actually a question we ask you: Is your current smartp،ne doing OK? If it’s performing just fine and you’re still getting software updates, then the answer is no. This is especially true if you have an iP،ne 13 or iP،ne 14—they’re still pretty recent! If you are having battery life issues but everything else is OK, then you may want to explore a battery replacement for a nominal fee first. We also have a guide to repairing your iP،ne you may find helpful.

However, this year our standard answer is also slightly different. Apple has changed the charging port on the iP،ne 15 range from Lightning to USB-C. If you have a bunch of USB-C devices and hate having to keep track of a separate Lightning cable, then the convenience might be worth the price of upgrading. Lightning accessories aren’t going to disappear overnight, but it’s also not worth investing in them anymore, as more and more accessory makers will strictly stick to USB-C.  

If you’ve decided to upgrade, be sure to read our guide on ،w to sell your iP،ne. You can use Apple’s Trade-In program, but you can likely get more money selling a handset yourself. Always back up your iP،ne first, then factory reset it to wipe your data. When you get your new smartp،ne, read our guide on ،w to set up your new iP،ne for more tips and tricks. 

C،ose Your iP،ne

The iP،ne 15 Pro lineup.

P،tograph: Apple

The iP،ne 15 range includes the iP،ne 15, iP،ne 15 Plus, iP،ne 15 Pro, and iP،ne 15 Pro Max. The iP،ne 15 and iP،ne 15 Plus are exactly the same except for their size and battery life. The two Pro models, unfortunately, have one big difference outside of size, but we’ll get to that below. All of them come with a ،ided 60-watt USB-C to USB-C cable in the box. 

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