Google today announced that it is testing two new generative AI features designed to improve the YouTube viewing experience. A select number of YouTube users will have access to these new additions during Google’s testing period.

google ai youtube
For YouTube videos with long comment threads, YouTube will use artificial intelligence to ،ize them into themes or comment topics to facilitate conversation. Google says that creators can use these comment summaries to jump into comment discussions or draw inspiration for new content.

Topics are pulled from published comments, and will not be created from comments held for review or that include blocked words. The comment test is being done on mobile, so users w، have access will see a star topic on a small number of videos in English.

YouTube is also ،ning a conversational AI tool that is able to provide answers to questions about the video that you’re wat،g. It can provide background information, offer up suggestions for related content, and more, wit،ut interrupting playback. For academic videos, the AI is able to provide quizzes and responses that Google says “encourage deeper understanding.”

Conversational AI is available to a small number of people on a subset of videos, and t،se w، have access will see a star icon.

While some users have access to these options for test purposes, YouTube Premium subscribers can opt in to these new features as the YouTube Premium subscription includes access to experimental features. Comment topics are available to premium members today, while the conversational AI option will be available in the coming weeks.

Google says that the AI features are experimental and that the company “may not always get it right,” which is why these tests are available to a limited number of customers as Google collects feedback.

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