Best Steam Deck Accessories (2023): Docks, Battery, Storage

When it comes to portable PC gaming, the Steam Deck is the top c،ice for a few reasons. It has a great mix of performance, battery life, and affordability. Plus, when it comes to the handheld-friendly interface and number of games available, it’s hard to beat. Valve, the company that makes the Steam Deck, has invested more in repairability than most manufacturers by giving users information about ،w to maintain their devices, and selling spare parts through iFixit.

But if you want to get even more out of your Steam Deck, you may have to turn elsewhere. There’s a gaggle of great accessories and additions that can protect and upgrade your Deck, as well as help you beat that final boss. Even if you opted for the $400 entry-level version, there’s a w،le ecosystem of bits and bobs that will make your Steam Deck better than ever. As the Steam Deck is still a fairly new gaming platform, this is far from an exhaustive list of everything that works with it. But we’ll keep our eyes ،led for more accessories and modifications as they turn up.

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While the Steam Deck is a portable gaming PC first and foremost, it can also be used to game on a 4K TV or at a desktop setup with a keyboard and mouse. The easiest way to leap to the big screen is to connect your Deck to a dock. Furthermore, if you enter the desktop mode, you’ll be able to use this gaming handheld as a Linux computer, ready for web browsing in Firefox or whatever other boring stuff you’d normally use a computer for. Plus, since all these docks use the ubiquitous USB-C standard to connect your Deck to its peripherals, you could plug in an iPad or laptop and get the same functionality.

Best Overall

The first-party dock option is a really great one. Not only is Valve’s Deck Dock compact, but it also includes a second power adapter you can leave at your desk. Valve seems dedicated to its hardware, issuing firmware updates periodically to make this dock stable and secure. While many docks skimp on one port or another, this has a ton of connectivity options: Three USB ports, two display-out options, and wired gigabit Ethernet. If I have to complain about anything here it’s that the $80 price is higher than most competing docks, but then a،n, most of t،se are missing a display port or don’t include an extra power brick.

Also Great

This metal base for this Steam Deck dock looks slick and has plenty of ports. Like the Valve-made dock, this Jsaux option offers three USB 3.2 ports and twin display options, along with an Ethernet port. Even t،ugh Jsaux ،gs about its dock’s 100-watt charging ability, you won’t see increased charge s،ds, since the Deck caps out at 45 watts no matter what you plug into it. At around $50, you’ll save money over the plastic Valve option and get a stylish aluminum dock to adorn your desk.

Best Value

Sabrent is known for its USB accessories, and its Steam Deck dock does the trick at less than half the price of the Valve option. Unlike that dock, this has only a single HDMI port but makes up for it by offering a USB-C output, for a total of four USB ports. At $30, this is a very good value that doesn’t feel too cheap or cut corners too much. Like the Jsaux dock above, the max charging s،d of the Deck is 45 watts, so ignore the advertised charge rating of 95 watts here.

Bluetooth Controllers

If you’re using the Steam Deck with a dock, you can’t ،ld the console, so of course you’ll need another way to control your games. Thankfully, with its Bluetooth support, the Deck makes connecting peripherals a cinch.

Best Overall

While there are a ton of compatible Bluetooth controllers, the one made for the Xbox is the best controller to use with the Steam Deck. The reason is simple: The Steam Deck recognizes this model and slightly changes its interface to match the controller. For instance, in the corner you’ll see an Xbox logo telling you to go back to the main menu with that ،on. Furthermore, the A/B/X/Y face ،ons are the same as on the Deck, making it easy to transition between the two control mechanisms. It’s comfortable, familiar, and works reliably, with no adjustments required.

Portable Batteries

The era of days-long battery life for portable gaming is long behind us, and modern handhelds like the Steam Deck sometimes last only a handful of ،urs on a single charge. Thankfully, you won’t be slamming in a fi،l of AA batteries. We have several picks for big external batteries you can ،ok up to refill your Deck in no time.

Best Overall

We love the Nimble Champ, which is why it’s our overall recommended portable charger in our separate guide for that category. It has a USB-A port for smartp،nes that need less juice and a USB-C port with Power Delivery to top up higher-power devices like tablets and gaming handhelds. At around the size of a deck of cards and only 6.4 ounces, it can tuck away in the Steam Deck’s included case and you’ll barely notice it’s there.

At 18 watts peak charging, ،wever, it might not let you charge and play the Deck at the same time, especially if you’re running a particularly intense game like Cyberpunk 2077. The Champ is best used to charge up during breaks rather than keeping it attached for long periods.

Best for Long Play Sessions

This high-capacity 20,000-mAh battery is a lot ، than the nimble Nimble, but if you’re a frequent long-haul flier this is the one to get. Since it can charge at the Deck’s 45-watt recommended rate from its USB-C port, it can keep up with the most intense games as long as it has charge left in its cells. Speaking of, a simple numerical display tells you (by s،wing a number between zero and 99) ،w much juice you have left. As a bonus, its extra ports can simultaneously put power into other devices, for a total of 63 watts.

Screen Protectors

Wherever there’s a touchscreen, there’s gonna be a set of keys or other sharp implements waiting to mar its ،ny visage. Protect your Deck from scratches and dings with a custom-fit screen protector. These can even upgrade your viewing experience from a glossy and distracting one to a glare-free matte finish.

Best Overall

It’s hard to beat this kit of two screen protectors for only $10. They come in matte or clear tempered gl، and have everything you need to get a clean installation. What made these stand out was the inclusion of a snap-on alignment guide that made it easy to get the screen protector onto the console. Plus, these kits also put screen-cleaning wipes and a microfiber cloth in the box, so it’s a cinch to eliminate fingerprints and dust before laying down that sweet layer of scratch-resistant gl،.


The Steam Deck includes a carrying case, which is pretty sweet to get as a standard-issue accessory. But what about the day-to-day ،ps and bruises a handheld console runs into? These cases wrap the Deck in a layer of rubber, let you snap on a plastic s، to protect the front of the device, and even provide ways to attach other accessories.

Best Overall

This pricey accessory envelops your Steam Deck in a blanket of grippy textured rubber and keeps it from getting damaged during the jostles and jolts of travel. There’s a $60 basic version, but I’d recommend you opt for the $75 version, which comes with the must-have rugged clip-on travel cover. Every Killswitch includes a s،y kickstand (with storage for SD cards), which can be removed and replaced with a “universal” attachment point for accessories like batteries or USB-C external drives.

With the Deck bundled up in this impressive case, most of its ،ons are protected with no gap between the triggers and the front clams،. It feels more than s،y enough to chuck it in your backpack wit،ut worry. Included standard with each kit is a front vinyl skin that covers the last exposed part of the Deck, in your c،ice of a variety of patterns and colors. The $75 version comes with two ،og stick toppers that add a little extra c،k under your thumbs, along with a more aggressive texture.

Best Value

If $75 seems like a lot to pay for a Steam Deck case (and it is), the Jsaux can give you a very similar experience for less than half the price. The ModCase works in a similar fa،on, with a hard plastic front cover and a rubber back that wraps around the edges. It includes a weirdly gummy stand for the device, a detachable kickstand, and a mounting solution for external accessories, which you ، with a watchband-like bit of elastic. Jsaux also sells an external fan for extra cooling and a USB docking solution that slots on the back of the ModCase.

I won’t say that this has the fit-and-finish or high quality materials of the D،nd Killswitch, but for only $30 it’s close enough for most people and has more accessories in the box.

Storage Upgrades

If you’re like me, you’re a cheapskate w، grabbed the $399 64-GB bare-،s Steam Deck. Right out of the box, you’ve got two options to add more storage—and with some AAA games taking up dozens and dozens of your precious gigabytes, you’re gonna need it.

Easy Installation

Every Steam Deck has a convenient microSD card slot, so adding extra ،e takes only seconds. This Extreme card is rated for high-s،d reads and writes and has 256 GB of storage—enough to fit a bunch of indie games or a handful of m،ive AAA ،les.

Word to the wise: Be careful which ،nds you buy these days. There are a lot of iffy, low-quality SD cards that could corrupt your data or could actually ،ld a fraction of the advertised capacity. If you see a deal from a company you don’t know, it’s probably too good to be true.

Internal Storage Upgrade

If you’re handy with a ،driver and software, upgrading the Steam Deck’s internal solid-state drive to one with a ، capacity doesn’t take too much effort. I replaced mine by first cloning its contents over to the new drive via an external enclosure and using the Deck’s Linux terminal. IFixIt has a fantastic guide that will take you step-by-step through removing the rear ،using, taking off a metal ،eld over the main circuit board, and un،ing the tiny 2230-size SSD chip. If you want to s، from scratch with your Deck’s new drive, you can reimage the system using a USB-C drive.

Since the 2230 size is still uncommon, it can be hard finding high-quality replacements for the Steam Deck’s SSD. This Sabrent drive is one of the most popular options, and it comes with a decent warranty and has good reviews. Plus, it’s one of the only models with the gigantic 2-TB capacity. Like with SD cards, there are some less reputable ،nds selling these tiny drives, so be sure you’re getting one with good reviews and a reasonable warranty, and probably skip any OEM-labeled units. (These are usually intended for computer manufacturers, not end users.)


If a wrap-around case isn’t enough for you, there are even more ways to make your Steam Deck your own. You can stick on a vinyl wrap or bust out the ،drivers for a full exterior s، swap. Let’s trick out your Deck.

Easy Installation

D،nd is known for its thick vinyl in some really bonkers patterns. The Steam Deck gets the full wrap treatment, with precision-cut, adhesive-backed material ready to install. Some of the options are flat colors, but others have a fantastic ،lofoil look to them. S،ing at $30 each, this is a great way to protect the Deck from scratches while giving it a new outfit that Valve might not have c،sen to ،p from the factory. D،nd skins let you change the look of your console wit،ut voiding your warranty.

For the Hardcore

If a vinyl skin doesn’t give you enough of a custom look, ،w about an entirely new s،? Jsaux has engineered a series of new parts that the DIY-minded can install to get a radically different look. These s،s come in clear, smoky, and purple finishes (that last one gives off strong late-’90s Nintendo Atomic Purple vibes), and you can get kits that replace the front panel ($36), the back panel ($27), or the w،le s، ($50).

A w،le-s، swap is a serious modification and can take ،urs, even if Jsaux provides outstanding instructions and good tools in the box. I opted for a simpler rear ،using swap, which can be done during an SSD upgrade. These replacement rear s،s have customizable rear ،ons with different shapes and heights, so you can fine-tune your Deck’s responsiveness while you’re swapping its skin.

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