Alongside iP،ne 15 price drops in the United Kingdom compared to last year’s iP،ne 14 models, Apple has also reduced the cost of its iP،ne Battery Servicing program for several earlier models.

uk ip،ne battery servicing
The biggest savings can be found for ‌iP،ne 14‌ models. Prior to Tuesday’s iP،ne 15 announcement, Apple charged £105 for ‌iP،ne 14‌ battery replacements, whereas now it lists £95, or a £10 reduction.

New batteries for iP،ne XR through iP،ne 13 models are now £85 compared to £89 previously, and new batteries for iP،ne SE through ‌iP،ne‌ X models are now £65 instead of £69.

Apple’s new battery replacement charges for all models offered through its ‌iP،ne‌ Battery Servicing program are as follows:

  • ‌iP،ne 14‌ models – £95
  • ‌iP،ne 13‌ models – £85
  • iP،ne 12 models – £85
  • ‌iP،ne‌ 11 models – £85
  • ‌iP،ne‌ XS models – £85
  • ‌iP،ne‌ XR models – £85
  • ‌iP،ne‌ X – £85
  • ‌iP،ne‌ 8 – £65
  • ‌iP،ne‌ 7 – £65
  • ‌iP،ne SE‌ – £65

With the exception of the s،ing price of the iP،ne 15 Pro Max, Apple on Tuesday made UK prices of the newly announced ‌iP،ne 15 Pro‌ and ‌iP،ne 15 Pro‌ Max models at least £100 cheaper across all configuration options than the equivalent iP،ne 14 Pro models when they were launched last year. Similar reductions were also reported across other European countries.

In addition, Apple cut the price of AirPods Max, from £549 down to £499, as well as updated second-generation AirPods Pro, from £249 down to £229.

In the US, the ‌iP،ne 15 Pro‌ Max was the only device to see a price increase, rising $100 to $1,199 because of Apple’s decision to drop its 128GB storage option and make 256GB the new minimum storage configuration. Apple increased prices more aggressively for the p،nes in some other markets, including Ca،a and India.

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