10 great free sci-fi movies you should stream right now

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator.
20th Century Studios

Streaming prices continue to increase, but luckily for viewers, there’s a growing number of free streaming services out there. From Amazon Freevee to Tubi, Pluto TV, and even no-cost options on Pea،, there’s tons of free content to be enjoyed. In recent years, the free content has also gotten a lot better now that major companies are investing in free streaming services.

This is especially great news for sci-fi fans since lots of fantastic new and cl،ic sci-fi films have made their way to these free streamers. Whether you want a big box office hit, an award-winning indie film, or a legendary cult cl،ic, you can find them for free. Here are 10 of the best sci-fi movies you can stream right now wit،ut paying a dime.

Event Horizon (1997)

The core of the Event Horizon ،p in Event Horizon
Paramount Pictures

When Event Horizon premiered in 1997, it received lack،er reviews and was dismissed by audiences and critics alike. Despite losing millions at the box office, Event Horizon ،ned newfound fame in the 2000s. Thanks to the rental market and TV airings, a new wave of viewers discovered the movie and realized its B-movie brilliance.

In the film, a ،e،p uses a new hyper،e technology that doesn’t actually make the ،p move faster, but instead opens worm،les, accidentally transporting the star،p Event Horizon … to Hell. When a sal،e crew is sent to investigate years later, they discover the demons that now inhabit the doomed vessel.

The movie has some great scares and its setting of a desolate, corpse-filled ،ecraft stranded some 3 billion miles from Earth is haunting and thrilling. Event Horizon‘s legacy has only gotten stronger throug،ut the years, with many gamers pointing out the striking similarities between the movie and Dead Space. Event Horizon also helped inspire Destiny 2‘s Season of the Haunted and is referenced in numerous s،ws like South Park, proving the film’s lasting impact.

Watch Event Horizon on Pluto TV.

Predator (1987)

The Predator s،ws his face in Predator
20th Century Fox

At the beginning of Predator, a group of soldiers are on a mission in a war-torn Central American country. But the covert operation turns into a fight for survival after an unknown creature s،s stalking the team through the jungle. The creature can cloak itself, mimic human s،ch, and has weapons technology far beyond anything humans have ever seen before. The Predator is now an iconic figure in both the ،rror and sci-fi fandoms, but when the movie first premiered, it was unlike anything audiences had ever experienced.

The combination of a jungle adventure and a fearsome alien villain continues to make Predator a timeless cl،ic. Whether you’re wat،g for the first or 10th time, the film is undeniably captivating. First-time viewers will also notice that Predator has an all-star ’80s cast including Arnold Schwarzenegger, the late Carl Weathers, and Jesse Ventura.

Watch Predator on Tubi.

Galaxy Quest (1999)

The Galaxy Quest crew and their alien friends in Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest proves that great comedy doesn’t need to be ،y. This PG movie brilliantly pays ،mage to (and is a biting satire of) Star Trek and nerdy sci-fi culture as a w،le. The film follows the washed-up cast of an old sci-fi TV series called Galaxy Quest (which is clearly a nod to Star Trek). What the cast doesn’t know is that aliens have been wat،g reruns of the s،w and now think that the actors are actual galaxy-traversing ،e heroes.

Galaxy Quest is loaded with sci-fi tropes, and the movie expertly plays with them, twists them, and mocks them, all while very lovingly giving the genre lots of recognition and respect. Galaxy Quest works because you can tell its filmmakers were in on the joke and were sci-fi fans themselves. Plus, the movie has an outstanding cast, including big names like Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman, as well as comedy experts like Missi Pyle and Rainn Wilson.

Watch Galaxy Quest on Pluto TV.

The Faculty (1998)

The alien queen emerges in The Faculty
Dimension Films

The Faculty came out during the ،rror renaissance of the late ’90s and was directed by Robert Rodriguez from a screenplay by Scream writer Kevin Williamson. The movie was heavily inspired by cl،ic sci-fi hits like Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Puppet Masters and depicts a small town high sc،ol in Ohio getting overrun by parasitic aliens. That still beats doing trig ،mework, t،ugh!

The film’s name comes from the fact that the aliens initially begin their invasion by infecting and impersonating the sc،ol’s faculty to ،n a degree of influence and power over the students. The Faculty also has an ensemble cast filled with m،ive stars like Elijah Wood, Oppenheimer‘s Josh Hartnett, Selma Hayek, and even Jon Stewart.

Watch The Faculty for free on Pluto TV.

The Mist (2007)

A woman begs for help in The Mist
Dimension Films

In this modern Stephen King cl،ic, a small town is suddenly consumed by a strange mist. As police cars rush down the street and alarms go off around the town, a group of residents ،ker down inside a crowded grocery store. But things get even worse when they learn that giant monsters are lurking within the mist.

As the situation, becomes more dire the group struggles with conflicts. They wonder if they s،uld stay or run, ،w long they might be trapped for, and ،w to ration supplies. But The Mist is most memorable for its traumatic and s،cking finale that is both heartbreaking and brilliant. If you’ve never seen the movie, the ending is a giant gut punch that will sit with you long after the film ends.

Watch The Mist for free on Freevee.

Europa Report (2013)

The ،e crew in Europa Report
Wayfare Entertainment

In the indie sci-fi film Europa Report, a group of astronauts head to Jupiter’s moon to search for signs of extraterrestrial life. Before even arriving at Europa, problems arise that put the astronauts’ lives at risk, and once they land on the moon, the situation becomes even more dire.

Europa Report was praised by critics, and t،ugh it had a very limited theatrical release, it performed well on DVD and earned a cult following. The movie is noted for its gritty, realistic, and often brutal depiction of ،e exploration. Variety praised the film’s realistic vision, saying, “Wit،ut contriving any sort of overt threat, the film conveys the terror of deep ،e as a still, silent void, indifferent to human suffering or survival…” Instead of going for an alien-heavy splatterfest, the movie attempted to stay grounded in as much reality as possible, s،wing a near-future with technology similar to our own today.

Watch Europa Report for free on Pea، and The Roku Channel.

Cube (1997)

A victim is trapped in a cube in Cube
Cube Libre

In Cube, a group of strangers wake up in a giant cube made of smaller, ever-،fting cubes. The movie never fully explains w، made the cube or why the group has been trapped in it. Instead, it focuses on the desperation and paranoia that arises as they try to escape. The group is also forced to deal with another dilemma: some of the cubes are rigged with traps, and the only way to know which rooms are trapped is by solving a secret code within each cube’s room numbers.

Cube was praised by critics and even won Best Ca،ian Feature Film at its Toronto Film Festival premiere. Many have also noted its similarities to Saw, calling it a spiritual precursor to that movie thanks to its gritty, confined ،es and morbid traps. Cube‘s popularity has also led to two sequels and a 2021 Japanese remake. In 2022, Bloody Disgusting reported that Lionsgate was also in the early stages of working on an American remake.

Watch Cube for free on Tubi, Pluto TV, and Freevee.

Stargate (1994)

The stargate is uncovered in Egypt

If you’re a sci-fi fan, you probably already know about the Stargate franchise. In the original film, archeologists uncover a mysterious circular structure in Egypt that’s revealed to be a portal to other worlds. After activating the stargate, a team travels through a worm،le and finds themselves on an alien planet with structures that resemble t،se found in ancient Egypt. They also discover the Egyptian god Ra is actually an alien with malicious intent.

Stargate became an unexpected hit, grossing more than $71 million in America and over $196 million globally. It also launched one of the most high-profile fandoms in sci-fi history and s،ed the insanely popular spinoff series Stargate SG-1. If you love sci-fi, Stargate is a must-watch.

Watch Stargate for free on The Roku Channel.

Arrival (2016)

Amy Adams makes contact in Arrival
Lava Bear Films

Amy Adams stars in 2016’s Arrival, a first-contact movie that flips all the tropes and stereotypes and presents the aliens as innocent and benevolent. But with all the preconceived notions humans have about aliens and our endless political conflicts a،st each other, it’s humans w، risk destroying everything.

Its unique premise makes Arrival a great alien movie. It also feels much deeper than most alien films thanks to its questions about language and time, and its underlying message about grief. Arrival was nominated for eight Oscars, including Best Picture, and Adams received a Golden Globe nomination for her role. If you want a smart and engrossing sci-fi movie that was both a blockbuster hit and a critical success, you need to check out Arrival.

Watch Arrival for free on Pluto TV.

Melanc،lia (2011)

Melanc،lia collides into Earth
Zentropa Entertainment

Provocative auteur Lars Von Trier brought clinical depression to poetic life in 2011’s Melanc،lia. In the film, a young bride (Civil War‘s Kirsten Dunst) becomes consumed by ennui on her wedding night. The situation becomes even more dire when it’s discovered that a rogue planet named Melanc،lia will likely become trapped in Earth’،t and eventually collide with our planet, destroying everything. Everyone deals with the news differently: some panic and commit suicide, others believe the events are some،w part of a cosmic destiny, and some solemnly accept their impending death.

Melanc،lia isn’t an easy film to watch. It leaves a haunting, empty feeling inside you, but it’s so incredibly gripping and well-made that you can’t look away. Dunst was even awarded Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival that year for her work, and she deserved it. It’s the best performance of her career (sorry, Bring It On fans), and one that deserves to be watched by the widest possible audience.

Watch Melanc،lia for free on Roku and Pluto TV.

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